▶ Easy upgrade to 2 loops by second LSN 0300 A module
▶ Connection of up to 254 elements (127 per loop)
▶ Remote operation by up to 3 Remote Keypads
▶ Accommodates up to 6 functional modules for easy adaptation to different local requirements
▶ Auto-detection of modules
▶ Plug-in of modules during operation
▶ Serial interface to Bosch Voice Evacuation System (EVAC)

Using the well-known LSN bus technology, the FPA-1200 Fire Panel offers efficient protection for small and medium-sized objects and is the ideal solution for 1- and-2-loop applications. It comes as standard with housing, controller, functional modules, power supply, and additional accessories according to the country-specific requirements. It is ready to go after installation and configuration.
The configuration of the FPA-1200 is set using the FSP-5000-RPS programming software (included in the delivery) on a laptop connected to the panel.
An Ethernet interface allows for the connection to a Building Management System (BIS Bosch Building Integration System) via an OPC server. Additionally, an ADC-5000-OPC License Key is required to access the OPC server. Another serial interface provides the option to use the FPA-1200 with the new Bosch Voice Evacuation System (EVAC). For detailed information about the connection, refer to the data sheets on IOS 0020 and IOS 0232 Communication Modules. The FPA-1200 can also be connected to the Bosch UGM-2020 Universal Security System (requires an FPE-5000-UGM Interface Module), and thus, be integrated into a large network system.

Panel controller The Panel Controller is the core of the system and shows all messages on the 14,5 cm (5.7”) touch display. 11 LEDs provide continuous information about the operating status of the control panel and/or system.
The operation of the panel controller and the processing of all messages are performed on the LCD touch display as well. Messages and events are saved internally and can be viewed on the display at any time. A log printer for printing incoming messages can be connected. The configuration is set and transmitted using the FSP-5000-RPS programming software on a laptop connected to the USB interface of the panel controller.

The functional modules are autonomous, encapsulated units that can be inserted into any control panel slot using "plug-and-play" technology. Thus, the power supply and the data traffic to the control panel are indicated automatically without any additional settings. The module is automatically identified by the control panel and is run in default operating mode. The wiring of peripherals is connected by pluggable screw terminals. After the replacement of a module, only the terminals need to be reinserted; extensive rewiring is no longer required. The following modules are included in the standard
package. Additional modules for special applications can be ordered separately.

Module Description
BCM-0000-B Battery Controller Modulemodule that controls batteries and power supply LSN 0300 A LSN Module 300 mA
for the connection of an LSN loop with up to 127 elements, maximum line current 300 mA RML 0008 A (Poland only) Relay Module
with 8 relays for low voltage applications
Certifications and Approvals
Region Certification Germany VdS G 209154 FPA-1200
Switzerland VKF AEAI 19197 FPA-1200_FPA-5000
Europe CE FPA-1200 CPD 0786-CPD-20819 FPA 1200
Austria PFB 007/BM-PSys/019/1 FPA-1200/5000 Brandmeldesystem 007/BM-PSys/020/1 FPA-1200/5000
Belgium BOSEC TCC2-894 FPA-1200_FPA-5000
Poland CNBOP 2719/2009 FPA-1200 0673/2009 FPA-1200
MOE UA1.016.0070208-11 FPA-1200
Macao CB 1142/DT/2011 FPA 1200
Installation/Configuration Notes
  • Upgrade to 2 loops requires second LSN 0300 A Functional Module
  • Max. 2 LSN 0300 A Modules allowed
  • Up to 127 LSN elements on each loop
  • Max. 6 functional modules in total Parts Included Quant. Component
1 FPA-1200-MPC Panel Controller
1 LSN 0300 A Module 300 mA
1 BCM 0000 B Battery Controller Module
1 PRS 0002 A Panel Rail Short
1 PRD 0004 A Panel Rail Long
1 FPO-5000-PSB-CH Power Supply Bracket
1 UPS 2416 A Universal Power Supply
1 HCP 0006 A Panel Housing
3 FDP 0001 A Dummy Cover Plate
1 RML 0008 A Relay Module (Poland only)
1 CD with FSP-5000-RPS Programming Software

Technical Specifications
Operating voltage 20 V DC to 30 V DC

Display element 14,5 cm (5.7”) LCD display
Operating element Touch screen
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • RS232
Signal inputs 2
Dimensions (H x W x D) 638 mm x 440 mm x 149 mm
(25.1 x 17.2 x 5.87 inch)
Weight Approx. 20 kg (44 lb)
Environmental conditions
Permissible operating temperature -5 °C to 50 °C
Permissible storage temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Protection class as per IEC 60529 IP 30

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