The FPA‑1000‑UL has a dual phone line PSTN/DACT circuit and an Ethernet connection featuring Conettix IP reporting. The panel communicates in Contact ID, SIA, and Modem IIIa2. The panel provides miscellaneous reporting functions such as dialing control and transmission supervision, priorities of report groups, routing to destinations, manual and auto test reports, and the Anti-Replay feature. For the primary and secondary accounts, the following
features are programmable:
Two different phone or IP numbers
  • Different dialing types for PSTN (pulse only, tone and pulse, or tone only)
  • Individual PSTN line supervision (audible and visual trouble signal in the case of a transmission path failure)
  • Selectable options for Report Steering Groups
  • Programmable acknowledge wait time for each IP reporting Conettix account (15 sec up to 255 sec)
  • Test call frequency individually programmable for each account (4, 12, 24 hours, 7, and 28-day intervals, standard frequency 24 hours)
  • With modem function, it is possible to program the control panel remotely (upload a new parameter file to the panel from a remote station).
Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs) Two Class A Style Z or Class B Style Y NACs provide up to 4 A of 24 V power (non-synchronized: 2.5 A per NAC;
synchronized: 2.75 A NAC 1 + NAC 2 in total) to operate horns, strobes, bells, and other notification appliances.
Each NAC can be programmed to provide Temporal Code 4, Temporal Code 3, and steady, pulsing, and synchronized protocol output for Wheelock, Gentex, and System Sensor notification appliances.
Option Bus
On the Option Bus, the FPA-1000-UL supports:
  • up to eight FMR-1000-RCMD Remote Command Centers and FMR-1000-RA Remote Annunciators in any combination
  • up to eight D7030X Series LED Annunciators with eight LED zones each,
  • up to eight D7030X Series/D7032 combinations
  • up to two Octal Relay Modules or Octal Driver Modules. The outputs of the Octal Relay Modules or Octal Driver
Modules are fully programmable and can be activated by system events. These outputs have the same programming options as the local relays. Each output operates independently of the other seven to provide complete flexibility. Communication with the D7035/B or D7048/B is supervised.
A transformer working with 120 VAC or 240 VAC is supplied standard with the control panel. Two backup batteries with 7 Ah to 18 Ah each fit inside the fire panel cabinet. A separate battery box can provide higher capacity.
The FPA-1000-UL provides two auxiliary power supplies (one FWR and one DC) with 0.5 A at 24 V each, with switchable AUX/RST. This auxiliary power can run expansion boards or other low-current auxiliary devices. For installations requiring battery capacity higher than 40 Ah, a regulated and UL1481 Listed external power supply can be used. The external power supplies connect through the panel's battery terminals and are supervised for AC and battery fault by an input module on the SLC. The FPP-RNAC-8A-4C Remote NAC Booster adds four additional Notification Appliance Circuits (NFPA 72,
Class A Style Z or Class B Style Y) to the fire panel or serves as a power supply for fire protective signaling systems. This regulated power supply provides up to 6 A of power that is used to recharge batteries and operate continuous and intermittent alarm loads. This 6 A of power can be distributed through the four NAC Power

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